Shipping Container House Design Competition, Nairobi, Kenya

Category: Design Competition

Shipping Container as a base to design the four-bedroom house maximizing the views to the south and outdoor spacing. The concept explores not only the flexibility of the shipping container shape but also creates the opportunity for unique spaces within the house. We have used total (6) 40' container and (1) 20' container to achieve the program. Containers have been stacked in such a way it will create a covered roof for car parking and outdoor patio spaces keeping the required southern landscape view.

This option explores out of the box use of the shipping container to achieve the house design.

The inclined container at lobby/stair area creates a dynamic touch to the house and creates the opportunity for space exploration. Similarly, Circular openings create the balance to the linear form. Contemporary feature of container kept intact from outside but it can always be changed to something else as desired.