Project details:

Competition Title: Forever Home, Open Source Building Design Challenge
Organized by: Architecture for Humanity and Open Tech Forever
Site Location:Denver, Colorado
Date of Submission: 21 Jan 2014
Software: Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator

Project description:

The Objective of Competition was to design a CEB home that we will build in the Spring of 2014 on 40 acre site in Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for a house with a specific design of your choice, Our website can help you find it. Just complete a form at to get started. For those of you who are building property as well and needs the assistance of a best real estate agent, search for management companies around florida. The Program Includes a home for one to two people to live and sleep in, joyfully, for life – 500 interior square feet for one to two people (and demonstrate scalability to 800 maximum for 3 or 4 people) on a flat site of 2000 square feet, configured in any proportion to support design. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an already finished property  that is currently for sale, concider going to this  real estate san antonio

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Perspective and Conceptual View


Site Layout


Climate and Energy/Waste Management


Perspective View


Perspective View and Axonometric View


Perspective View and Layout Arrangement

Recently, our executed project Railways Heritage park got special mention for the young designer of the year 2014 competition under urban design category organized by the leading architecture and design magazine Indian Architects and Builders at Mumbai followed by the 361 degrees conference and soon the project is going to publish in their upcoming architecture issue. The special mention entry from this source can be seen here.

The fun-fund raising from last quarter fabrication and prototyping class with Prof. Bacha at SCAD Sand Art Festival, Wind Sculpture category.  A team effort fund raising for our so called final project! We used 2X2 inches squares of different matte and gloss photo film to showcase a photo booth like wind sculpture. The efforts can be seen below in slideshow:

Let the creativity interact with some electric shocks! With Bare Conductive paint you can make almost any surface to interact and end-up into electronic gadget with different creative approaches. Definitely next experiment is not far within buildings/installation architectonics. Great technology and material to enhance the user experience. Visit URL – WebDesign499 and learn more. I had always imagined about this crazy things but now we can actually create and get engaged with all these innovations!

19 December 2013

Sample mock branding images for my architecture portfolio 2014 Book with cover!  After six hours of stressful struggle with the Photoshop and internet, finally here my portfolio mock branding sample ready for slide show. I always wanted to work and create on my own professional looking branding  mock. I used few free Photoshop templates and actions from different websites for mock branding with my portfolio images. Template credit and copy right belong to respected website with content copyright belongs to myself.

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Three weeks to finish quarter and another urban infill project. This time sponsored but not commissioned! I will hope to keep the same spirit and inspiration within myself. It might be good opportunity for city and street itself by welcoming the retail giant H&M storefront .. Welcome to Broughton Street! But, Where am I going and my opportunities? Am I expecting much from myself or is that something I desperately needed and should concentrate on? Whatever the reasons or circumstances, I need to move on with this too. Only brand can attract another and this time its H&M with SCAD.

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Congratulations! You got new spam mail!

Late night when I was clearing my SCAD mailbox, realized that I got another unwanted spam after long time. It was mail from ‘SCAD Port City Review Literary Art Journal’ confirmed that my work from ‘architectural ceramics’ class will be featured in SCAD’s student work journal edition 2014. I am glad that I have made worth of my small experience with ceramics exploration. A online gaming gift and dedicated to my dearest Mother..

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