Port City Review 2015 edition attracted more than 500 submitted entries out of 88 work has been selected for this year of publication. The publication showcased featured cross-disciplinary student work from Savannah College of Art and Design at Savannah. This year three of my work has been selected and total six images have been published along with other selected student work. In compared to last year of Architectural Ceramics were two of the images got published, this year I must say my work is progressing in the direction of art and architecture. Congratulations to all other artists and thank you Port City Review for showcasing best works across! View other featured artists and work at www.portcityreview.com!

The World Architecture Community Awards is to highlight and publish remarkable projects that might otherwise remain unnoticed by the international public yet have the potential to inspire exciting questions about contemporary architectural discourse. Architects  from ALL countries can submit ALL of their buildings (realized or not) for the appreciation of the WA Community. 

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Project details:

Project Type: Academic
Class: Graduate Thesis Studio | Spring 2014
Professor: Judith Reno
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Software: Revit, 3ds-Max, Photoshop

Project description:

The design thesis investigates the present foreclosure causes and effects on American Housing and approach Jacksonville, Florida among one of the top foreclosed crisis areas to develop the Collective Housing prototype. In case you need to hire a housing cleaning company, Maid Sailors Cleaning Service is the right to visit. They offer regular, eco-friendly, and deep cleaning at affordable prices.

The concept was to layered the diverse activities and density across the site vertically according the public-private use. Also, promote pedestrian friendly environment and public transit through the proposal by emphases on typological to topological growth. Create a collective community spaces within the proposal and enrich with diverse connections and values through different levels and scale.


View Connecting different levels from Restaurants, Residential Units and Other Public Activites


Program Stratification


Conceptual Idea Drivers


Conceptual Form Development


Site Analysis


Drawings – Site Plan






Unit Flexibility and Arrangement


Unit Cross-Section Rendering


Interior Unit View


Urban Cafe View


View at Restaurants Level

Project details:

Competition Title: Forever Home, Open Source Building Design Challenge
Organized by: Architecture for Humanity and Open Tech Forever
Site Location:Denver, Colorado
Date of Submission: 21 Jan 2014
Software: Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator

Project description:

The Objective of Competition was to design a CEB home that we will build in the Spring of 2014 on 40 acre site in Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for a house with a specific design of your choice, Our website can help you find it. Just complete a form at teamgardner.net to get started. For those of you who are building property as well and needs the assistance of a best real estate agent, search for management companies around florida. The Program Includes a home for one to two people to live and sleep in, joyfully, for life – 500 interior square feet for one to two people (and demonstrate scalability to 800 maximum for 3 or 4 people) on a flat site of 2000 square feet, configured in any proportion to support design. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an already finished property  that is currently for sale, concider going to this  real estate san antonio

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Perspective and Conceptual View


Site Layout


Climate and Energy/Waste Management


Perspective View


Perspective View and Axonometric View


Perspective View and Layout Arrangement

Project details:

Class: ARCH 714 | Winter 2014
Professor: Scott Dietz
Software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

Project description:

The Objective of the assignment was to use weaving strategy as an element of parametric design in relation to surface/form and structure. Using the Grasshopper graphical algorithm editor to create a fully parametric surface and Weaving structure. The concept was developed by Bamboo Netting for preparing vessels, pots and other daily furniture.


Weaving Pattern Over Form


Grasshopper Weaving Process and Patterns


Weaving Grasshopper Defination


Project details:

Class: ARCH 714 | Winter 2014
Professor: Scott Dietz
Software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

Project description:

The Objective of the assignment was to use a Pattern Mapping strategy as an element of parametric design as it relates to surface Form and Structure/Enclosure inside Grasshopper graphical algorithm and Rhino Environment to develop the High-Speed Rail Grasshopper Canopy. The concept was developed by the biological pigments. The growth and the balance within them.


Canopy Rhino Form


Formal Flexed Geometry


Process and Pattern Overlay


Grasshopper Defination

Project details:

Class: ARCH 714 | Winter 2014
Professor: Scott Dietz
Software: Revit Architecture

Project description:

The Objective of the assignment was to explore Increment and Recursive strategies as elements of parametric design as they relate to form, surface, and structure. The Project approached the Hypothetical Contoured site to create a Ground Scraper across the levels at different Scale and level of enclosure.The concept is derived from the natural trees as habitat and horizontal system with support of chop sticks like structural member.


Groundscrapper View – I


Graoundscrapper View – II


Groundscrapper View – III


Process and Revit Family Organisation

Project details:

Class: ARCH 714 | Winter 2014
Professor: Scott Dietz
Software: Revit Architecture

Project description:
The Objective of the assignment is to explore reporting and repeating strategies inside adaptive Revit family mass modeling as elements of parametric design as they relate to a responsive facade enclosure and structure with varying point of influence. The concept is derived from the micro organisms form as inspiration and support them with mushroom like adaptive variable columns.


Perspective View – I


Perspective View




Formal Iterations


Process and Family Organization

Project Details:

Type: Academic
Class: Basic Design | Undergraduate
Professor: Mayur Gupta
Materials: MDF Board, Glass Scrap,
Metal Scrap, Colors, Clay, etc.

Project Description:

The objective of the class was dedicated to the emergence of architectural spaces in the artistic use of different materials. The aim of such exercises was to explore most of the available materials from the mud, ceramics, stone, brick, metal, glass scrap to colors, and paper to develop the experiential qualities and think out of the box. The Metal Scrap Warrior ranked First at Zonal National Convention for Student of Architecture (NASA), Surat Chapter for on-the-spot competition.


Light Exploration


Dead Space Exploration


Light and Color Exploration


Magical Space Exploration

Project Details:

Type: Academic
Class: CERA 701 | Spring 2013
Professor: Jessica Broad
Material: Glazing, Clay, Wooden Frame

Project Description:

The Class was divided into series of architectural ceramics exploration with ceramics to develop wall and floor tiles by adopting different techniques like prototyping, extrude tiles and brick curving. The wall tile ceramic work also got Featured and Published inside Port City Review Art Journal’2014 at SCAD.

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Extruded Architectural Ceramic Tile


Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile


Glazed Ceremic Tile


Wall Brick Curving

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Project Details:

Type: Academic
Class: ELDS 745 | Spring 2013
Professor: Ryan Bacha
Software: Rhinoceros, CAD, Illustrator
Materials: Corrugated Board, Laser Machine

Project Description:
It focuses on the inherent value of digital prototypes to evaluate the viability and performance of the design intent with respect to material selection, methods, and the implications of assembly to document the fabrication process.The Concept was to develop the Waffled Green Wall prototype to create a diverse connections between the spaces and allow multiple use of the structure as book shelve or showcase and at same time grow portable vegetation to filter the interior space.


Project Details:

Type: Academic
Class: ELDS 745 | Spring 2013
Professor: Ryan Bacha
Software: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper,
CAD, Illustrator
Materials: 3-axis CNC Machine,
Laser Machine, High-Density Foam

Project Description:

The course examined the fundamental principles of advanced digital prototyping and fabrication methods like Contouring, Folding, Paneling, Corbelling, and Cross-Sectioning forming for architecture and building design. It focuses on the inherent value of digital prototypes to evaluate the viability and performance of the design intent with respect to material selection, methods, and the implications of assembly to document the fabrication process.


Paneling Tool Based Fabrication


Rhino – Paneling Tool Process


Fabricated Folding Studies


Fabricated Folding Study Process


Rhino Contouring Process and CNC Prototype


Rhino Contouring Process and Prototype Process


Waffle Fabricated Model


Waffle Fabrication Process


Waffle Fabrication Process

Project details:

Type: Academic
Class: Undergraduate Design Studio-IX
Professor: Punita Mehta, Brintha Laxmi
Site Area: 861,100 SQ.FT.
Location: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Software: CAD, Sketchup, Photoshop
Project Description:

The studio required to develop conceptual for the new architecture residential campus design for School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Aside from architectural designs, water line system should be taken care of as well. High Priority Plumbing is known for their excellent services since 2001, so if you want to get their help, search for hpplumbingsavannah.com. Respond towards the existing local ecology and bio-diverse climate conscious design. the process should not only enrich the existing environment experience but also gives an opportunity to educate the students of architecture and design at each and every level of their involvement on campus. The process explored different passive energy-efficient methods and promote pedestrian friendly access everywhere on design.


Perspective View from Dorms Side


Conceptual Mass Study Process


Typical Studio Block View and Floor Planning


Bird-Eye View of Design Layout


Conceptual and Site Development Process





Project details:

Class: Graduate Studio | Fall 2012
Professor: Hgu Ngo
Team: Ankit Darda, Sahil Das, Chao Zhong
Location: HAAF, Savannah
Project Area: 244,500 Sq.Ft.
Software: Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD

Project description:

The studio offered a rare introduction to urban design and architecture that emphasized the development of conceptual and representational tools capable of addressing the complexity and variety of hybrid traditional and contemporary cities. The project approached the former “Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF)” site in Savannah as a collection of diverse urban conditions. Neighborhood Design developed on diverse recombinant systems of architecture and generative transect urbanity to encounter the Urban Position.The Project has been selected for the NAAB Certification Review and displayed at Department of Architecture SCAD, Savannah.


Perspective View


Perspective View


Perspective View


Project Phase


Design Goals and Objectives


Design Goals and Objectives


Site Analysis


Site Analysis


Conceptual Process


Final Master-Plan Layout for Site

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Project details:

Project Type: Academic
Class: Graduate Studio | Spring 2013
Professor: Carole Pacheco
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Site Area: 100,000 SQ.FT.
Software: Sketchup, Vray, Photoshop

Project description:

The design challenge was to concomitant the essence of flamenco dance influencing the architectural process and form making. Reinterpreting architecture with the dynamic nature of flamenco dance composition and rhythm. The resulting fabric in return rejuvenate the city of Jacksonville with flamenco dance art.The Program includes Flamenco School, Museum and Black Box Theater as major activities across the site with supporting Public performance spaces.