H&M Storefront, Broughton Infill
13 December 2013

Three weeks to finish quarter and another urban infill project. This time sponsored but not commissioned! I will hope to keep the same spirit and inspiration within myself. It might be good opportunity for city and street itself by welcoming the retail giant H&M storefront .. Welcome to Broughton Street! But, Where am I going and my opportunities? Am I expecting much from myself or is that something I desperately needed and should concentrate on? Whatever the reasons or circumstances, I need to move on with this too. Only brand can attract another and this time its H&M with SCAD.


Lets do it! All iz well..All iz well..!


finally the gallery client review done and ready for second round next quarter with more exciting review by H&M in-house designers. Hopefully the design will be able to crack that too.. The original design can be seen on the second part of this project page HERE.

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