The Outdoor Savannah: Shipping Container II
13 June 2015

Project details:

Project Type: Professional
Role: Project Architect
Office: Southern Pine Company
Client: Blowing Smoke Restaurant, Savannah
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Software: Sketchup, CAD, Photoshop

Project description:

Collaborative up-cycled Shipping Container Design experimentation for outdoor restaurant space to hold bar and performance space for local artists and celebrations. The alignment of the Shipping Container is made in such a way that it will allow maximum visual connection with the outdoor-indoor restaurant space and also with the adjoining  street passer-by. It will continue to withhold the Savannah’s outdoor lively spirit while enjoying the southern gourmet at Blowing Smoke Restaurant.

The overall prototype includes three Reclaimed Shipping Containers with Reclaimed Southern Pine Flooring and Bar-Top. The furniture has been provided by the owner and for the other office chair and desk, check out LA Furniture Store. The prototype is attached with the existing building to minimize the cost of existing liquor license in Savannah and still have ability to expand and open with outdoor. The entire prototype suppose to be assembled with storm proof double layered windows with sheet roofing insulation to protect from extreme weather conditions across Savannah. For more details about this design, you can check out Roofco Roofing Company.


Habersham St. Elevation


View from Bar Interior


View from Entrance to Restaurant




Sectional Axonometric View


Existing Site Condition


Existing Site Condition


Existing Site – Bird Eye View