Contemporary Containers: Design Welcome Competition
6 October 2014

Project details:

Project Title: Contemporary Containers
Project Type: Competition
Status: On-Going
Client: Art Verona, Italy
Location: Verona, Italy
Software: Sketchup, CAD, Photoshop

Project description:

Shipping Containers are the global contemporary heritage space holder available abundantly and circulated widely all across the world. Many of them sent to dumping yard as soon as their primary purpose is served. These reclaimable eco-sustainable building blocks can be up-cycled actively for the next urban furnishing module promoting the sustainability inside art, architecture and design culture.

Values: The value Reclaimed Containers promotes is not limited to being Contemporary use but it also tells the story of our globalized ideas made possible through Containers. Now it’s time to re-invent the story in innovative and sustainable way to adopt at varying scale within Urban and Art Verona site context which is highly compliments with the use of Containers.

Deliverables: The reclaimed container could be the cheapest, renewable, and durable material available glocally which can be re-interrogated to achieve temporary-to-permanent adaptation. The flexibility to use number of blocks at a time could relate to the cost of installation, which can be achieved within the constraint of twenty thousand Euro budget or less.

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Contemporary Containers – I



Contemporary Containers – II


Contemporary Containers – III


Contemporary Containers – IV


Contemporary Containers – V