Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design Competition
23 February 2015

Project details:

Project Title: Bamiyan Cultural Centre Design
Project Type: Competition
Competition Organizer: UNESCO, Kabul Office
Location: Bamiyan Afghanistan
Team: Ankit Darda, Astha Panchal
Software: Sketchup, CAD, Photoshop

Project description:

Bamiyan Cultural Centre – can indeed be people’s centre nourishing cultural excellence. The centre adapts the language of USED SPACES. It acts as a vehicle to further augment the traditional skills. It extracts insight from vernacular forms observed in Bamiyan OLD BAZAAR, SHRINES, Buddhist caves, clusters of fortified-perforated wall, circumambulation paths, attached rectangular annex buildings as observed in Qal’a-i- Kafari A and B, general division in 3 three levels, courtyards etc. Based on the brief and studying the range of societal issues, architectural interpretation of vernacular forms has led to pluralism of USED space- An attribute similar to Bamiyan lifestyle. Shedding the elitist attitude, the designed spaces celebrate the popular- traditional and relevant adaptation seen in the city in last few decades- making it PEOPLE’S CENTRE that nourishes the culture, fostering cross- cultural awareness and broader goals of peace building and reconciliation.


Winter Entrance View to Bamiyan Cultural Center


Competition Panel – I


Competition Panel – II


Competition Panel – III